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Essential oils can be an additional ingredient to soaps and work wonderfully in soap making. They act as a natural way to enrich and add soft scent to any soap recipes out there and the selection of these oils on the market today is astounding.

The use of the essential oils in soap are not just to add scent, but have healing properties that are connected to plant qualities used in essential oils

Aromatherapy Herbal Soap Sampler (Made with 100% Pure Essentail Oils)

About the Product

  • This is a 6 sample bar package that contains the best selling soaps from Plantlife.
  • These soaps are all hand-made and crafted with organic and natural ingredients, 100% essential oils are used, and add drops of the earth most finest essence.
  • The base used is the soaps is one of the most moisturizing and will feed the skin gently.
All of the soaps are made from natural and organic products, no preservatives are added to the products, and are safe for the skin

Product Review:

I think these soaps are well made, and the skin feels nice and clean, and I like the fact your skin is left lightly scented. The bars are not so big, it just a testing bar, much like a hotel soap. But ista great way to test all of the types before you decide to buy a normal size.  

I find that the skin feels smooth after taking the shower with these soaps. I noticed the skin feeling more soft and did not have any negative reactions. I have dry skins and personally feel natural soaps work the best for me. These feel rejuvenating and are great size for traveling

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Cedar Sage 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soap- 4 oz(113g)

About the Product

  • These are Pure and Natural soaps, Nothing Synthetic is added to them.
  • Cedar and Sage is well known for ages as a great ingredient that can improve emotional and physical imbalances, and is used by many therapist, its natural properties are known to sharpen one's spiritual focus.
  • The soap is mad with French green clay, and it is an important ingredient, green clay absorbs impurities from the skin, and in fact causes all of the dead cells to fall off. This in turn has a stimulating effect on the blood flow of the skin.
  • This is an excellent soap for oily skin types, yet it is proven to be gentle enough for all skin types and can be used by all. The skin feels rejuvenated and smooth.

Product Review:

This was my first time buying soaps from Plantlife. I have heard good reviews so decided to give it  a try. The soap arrived in time and was well protected in a sealed package. Even before I opened the package I can feel the distinct mountain smell coming out. The cedar and sage work great together, the smells complement each other and I love the aroma they produce.

The feel on the skin is moist and leaves the nice smelling aroma all over. The fragrance in my opinion is ok for man and women alike, and both will enjoy using it. The soap did not dissolve to quick when it was used. You can use this great soap for your quests and if you have a business where customers come to wash hands I recommend it. I used it in a bath and loved the smell of my skin.

My skin is dry and I don’t like normal commercial soaps. If you are sensitive and your skin get irritated this soap might be for you. There is no harmful additives to the mix, and it looks like it is pure natural. There is no way of knowing till you tried it, but I had no problem with this one. After the shower there was a nice aroma in the bathroom for a while, I think I will buy more of this nice soap.

It is one of the finest soaps I used, the price is higher than a regular soap at the grocery but the bars are big, and it comes without sodium lauryl sulfate other soap are filled with . That makes it worth my money.

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Lemongrass 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soap- 4 oz (113g)

About the Product

  • The soap is made with Pure and Natural ingredients , nothing artificial is added.
  • Lemongrass give a refreshing smell, and feels rejuvenating on the skin. It is mixed with organic chamomile and calendula that leaves the heals the skin and calm the body.
  • This product is not only made to smells fresh but is made with deep cleansing properties, it tones and deeply revitalizes the skin when used daly.
  • The lemongrass soap is excellent for more oily or acne skin that will help, it can be used for the kitchen to give fresh smell. It is gentle enough for all skin types.

Product Review:

I used this Lemongrass soap for a few days. The smell of the soap and the creaminess on the skin feels so different from normal soaps I buy at the local supermarket. Lemongrass is energizing and lifts the mood. The skin smells so nice and feels rejuvenated. The aroma is perfect for me when I feel a little down, it can lift the spirit, though that is a personal thing and some may not like the smell.  

I think there are little pieces of grass imbedded inside the soap material, it is possible that these are responsible for the nice lemony scent released in contact with the water.  I did some research and all of Plantlife soaps are organic and 100% natural, my skin was left smooth and had s silky feel to it after the shower.

Lemongrass I known as antidepressant and can be used to refresh you in the morning. It is hard to find soap out there on the market that truly smells like lemongrass. What I love with this one is that is smells like your holding a small patch of lemongrass in your hand. This soap can be used in my opinion with other products like essential oils for a maximum effect.

Perfect for sensitive and dry skin, so if you want to try out some true herbal soap I recommend Plantlife, once you tried it its hard to go back to regular soap. You cannot beat organic, and I bet there is not a trace of bad additives in this one. It is worth the price you pay for it.

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Lavender 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soap- 4 oz (113g)

About the Product

  • Pure Lavender scented and all Natural, No preservatives added.
  • Lavender is known for its healing properties, and its effect to calm the mind. Its clean and fresh aroma is excellent for washing and cleaning.
  • Lavender was used for ages as one of the most versatile herbs in medicine and it benefic affects are well documented.  
  • This soap is soothing and calming, it will calm the mind, and bring serenity to all skin types.
  • It is great for sun burned, damaged and chaffed skin, sensitive skin types will benefit from this soap greatly.

Product review:

The lavender is known for its medical use, and this soap is made with lavender essential oil. That itself is good news, and is recommended for people with soft, dry skin that need some rejuvenation. The scent of this soap I what I love the most, it truly feels like fresh lavender. Texture and the way it nourishes  the skin is great, if you need soothing, gentle soap to calm you down and repair your skin this is the one.

I have heard that some people had good progress with acne and aczema with this soap, and I am not to much surprised. Lavender is known for its healing use, and company claims essential oil used in this soap is made from organic and 100% natural lavender.  The smell is more stronger than other Plantlife aroma soap, but I don’t mind, I like the way the bathroom is filled with this relaxing aroma.

I use this soap after a long day to take good shower and unwind, its anti stress properties are great for people who work hard, or have some stress in the day. It leaves a very subtle scent on the skin and it follows you for a few hours, but not in aggressive way. As other Plantife soaps it feels silky and nice when applied to the skin.   Again I have to say, its nothing compared to supermarket soap I have used.

You can use this soap to:

-          Relax after a long day

-          Repair your dry and burned skin

-          Get you to sleep better

-          Help with acne and other skin disorder

If you need to get grounded, like I do often, than use of lavender is a must for you, I kind of feel hooked on it now.

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Plantlife Sandalwood 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Herbal Soap 4 oz 113g

About the Product

  • Pure and Natural, No additives or synthetic mixes.
  • Sandalwood's is known to be sensuous and is used around the world for its full-bodied aroma its smell and properties are known to be warming and woodsy in nature.
  • Its special effects are noticed when it is used before meditation or romantic get together. Sandalwood is believed to help in the transformation of desired and sharpens the alertness.   
  • Gentle and kind to all skin types, dry skin will benefit when used daily.

Product Review:

First of all I have to say one thing about sandalwood, when ever I use it my mind goes to an alternate exotic reality. Maybe it is just me, but I can so easily switch when the smell gets to me. The smell is a soft and sweet tone of some distant eastern romance. The spiritual essence of this soap is amazing, soothing and comforting. When I use it I feel like so light and meditative.

Sandalwood is known for its meditative properties, and is used around the world for its mysterious spirit. This soap is excellent in that way, the aroma is so full and I just want more of it. Its like going back to vacation every time I use it. To be honest its not a traditional sandalwood aroma, but its more of a lighter woodsy feel to it, just about the right amount.         


I rate this as one of the best essential oil soap that I tried, and stand behind my statement. As all others there was no irritation on the skin, but by this time I expected it to be so. After using the other aromas I would be disappointed if this one is not the same.

You can use this soap to:

-          Relax and mediate

-          Just let go of worries

-          Help with depression

-          Repair the skin

Sandalwood is used for ages in traditional healing methods like Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine, and its effect is well documented.   

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