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Organic essential oils made from organic source. Natural and no additives. Pure Sunshine in the bottle. Perfect for massage, aromatheraphy and more.  

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Natural soap made from organic material. Mild and tender to the skin. Even the most sensitive people can use these natural soaps.

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Candles made from natural organic material. Infused with essential oil. Great for relaxation and peace of mind. Perfect for office or home. 


How to make organic soap at home using essential organic oils. Make gifts to yourself and friends. Just folow these easy steps.


What does organic mean? Are therapeutic essential oils worth my money?

In organic farming plants are produced and made in a special way and up to some standards. Organic farming is regulated worldwide and requires special certification from local food and safety agencies. Standards are not the same in every country but general rules and practices apply.

In general organic planting combines practices that restrict the use of pesticides and herbicides, requires biodiversity and ecological natural balance. The products produced with this method usually do not include industrial made solvents or some synthetic food additives to the mix. The plants grown in this way are healthier and can be used without fear of containing toxic elements.

It relies on advanced farming techniques such as crop rotation, includes practices like companion planting, biological pest control, and is based on a pure naturally-sourced fertilizers that do not harm the environment  such as compost, manure, green manure, and other natural methods.

At this point, European Union, United States , Mexico, Canada, and many other countries have strict rules that require farmers to obtain government certifications to classify the product as truly organic when placed on the market.

So when you are buying a product that is labeled “organic” you can be sure that the farmer followed standards and eco friendly practices.


How to make essential oil candles?


Making essential oil candles is not so hard. Folow this 7 easy steps and enjoy.


Why is essential oil soap good for your skin?

Therapeutic essential oils are made in a process that extracts the special ingredients from a plant. Essential oils are thought to be the life essence of the plant. When extracted in a right way the oil contains the fragrance and healing properties of the herb. This can be done from plants, flowers, seeds and trees. When essential oils are added to soap their therapeutic properties can have a balancing, healing and antiseptic effect on the skin.

Essential oil soap will have vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances that can help people with dry, flaky and damaged skin. Lavender will act as a rejuvenator and often lift the mood when used daily. These are just some of the benefits of essential oil soap.

People suffering from acne can also benefit from therapeutic essential oils soap. When proper soap is used the bacteria that causes acne can withdraw. This is because some oils have strong antibacterial properties and are made in organic conditions. Commercial soaps often have chemicals that can cause the condition worse. When skin disorders are in question switching to pure natural organic products are essential. Some people even have disorders just from using commercial soaps that are harming their skin and often the problem is gone as soon the soap is changed.    

Here are some of the oils used in essential oil soap that you can find beneficial for your skin in everyday use.    


How Aromatherapy Works

The most common aromatherapy methods  used today are scented candles, massage oils and oil burners. You can get quality organic essential oils and use them in a oil burner to get the most benefits and it is the quickest way. Many practitioners will agree that only natural and organic oils are healthy. Artificial synthetic oils can contain harmful chemicals that are toxic. Even if the smell is nice the benefit is just not there. Some people can even react to this artificial oils with allergies and irritation.

The way aromatherapy works can be beneficial to many problems like dealing with stress, acne, psoriasis, etc.

Aromatherapy and Massage

Massage is as ancient as the world, and is used in all cultures on our planet. It is common to employ essential oils in massage techniques. Muscle problems, injuries, broken bones, joint tensions and much more can be treated with aroma massage. I recommend you ask your massage therapist for the best oil combination that can help you relax, sooth, and get you back in the center.

Why Use Organic Essential Oils Soap for Acne?

Today it is common for people of all ages to experience acne problems. Acne can specially effect the younger or teen population, and can be painful. Acne often breakout on the face, chest back and shoulders area. Lots of people feel unpleasant when facing this problem.

Acne can surface as a result of more ten one reason, including bacteria, clogged skin, hormones, stress and as a reaction to some medication. It is important to know that some chemicals and medication can even worsen acne if used.

Why is the younger population so affected by this problem? One of the main things a teenager gets acne is the hormone levels. Teenagers are in the process of becoming an adult and their body is changing, this can effect a chemical balance in the body. 

When treating acne we must be aware that some chemicals available is stores can cause even more irritation. If the problem is the bacteria essential oils can serve as a powerful anti-bacterial agent. Essential oils are a safe and natural way to kill bacteria and do not contain harmful chemicals if produced organic. Some essential oils are known to help with acne and protect the skin from stress, lavender is famous for this.   

Some great essential oils soap can be from lavender or sage, both are known to help skin disorders and act to remove stress and anxiety, which can cause skin imbalance. These are very gentle on the skin and will not cause further damage like some artificial made soap.

Daily use is recommended until you see the change and results on your skin. Do not except result in a day or two, even some will see quick results it is best to wait for a few weeks to let sufficient time for the skin to react.

What Are the Benefits of Lavender Soap?

 And how to use it:

lavender is an ancient herb that is know to release anxiety and calm the mind. There are studies pointing to a beneficial effect of lavender on brain waves. People who used lavender incense and soap reported a feeling of well-being and reduced stress during the day. Lavender oil in soap can benefit users in a variety od ways. It can help in sleep disorders and promote deeper and easier sleep. It is known to have a calming effect on small  children. Children suffering from skin disorders or are hyperactive can feel more relaxed after using essential lavender oil soap. Lavender should be combined with other traditional medical practices. 

On the bacterial level lavender is known to be strong antiseptic aid. Lavender antibacterial properties makes it great for curing sunburns, cuts or damaged and dry skin. Essential lavender oil will help almost al skin infections but like all treatments it will not work for all the people. It is good to use it for a longer period (2-3 weeks) to see if it works for your skin disorder. There are some great lavender soaps that are available in stores or online, just make sure it is organic as artificial chemicals can make the skin even worse.

The best time to use lavender soap is in the morning to have a relaxed and calm day, or in the evening to sleep better. You can wash kids with organic lavender soap before sleep if that have sleeping problems.

Some people can be allergic to lavender, this is usually a very small number, but if you do experience irritation then stop using the soap to see if the reaction disaper. If the irritation comes back after using the soap again it is possible you need to try other essential soaps that have similar effect.

Washing your clots with lavender soap is another great way to bring relaxation in your day. Your coats will smell delightful and will make you feel meditative. For people that are easily stressed like me this is a great way of bringing some peace to a hectic day at work. lavender essential oil candles or incense helps to if you can burn them at work. If you cannot burn them at work you can use them in combination with lavender soap at home before and after work to get back in center.

How To Treat Insomnia With Oils.

Almost all people in some stage experience insomnia. Insomnia is defined as a problem to fall asleep or to sleep normal hours. 

This condition is not so uncommon and there are lots of studies done on insomnia. In fact thousands of people struggle with lack of sleep on regular basis. 

Sleep is important for human health im many ways. It recharges the bodies energy levels, balances hormones and immune system. People that experience normal sleep have stronger resistance to diseases and bacterial or circus infections. One of the first things that suffers when we don't sleep is our psychological state of mind, and we become stressed.

What causes insomnia?

Modern research point to multiple possible cause of insomnia, but stress is number one. It is common for people that are under a lot of pressure and stress to experience sleep disorders. This will lead to depression and mood changes during the day. You will feel lack of energy, enable to focus on your daily task and can lead to work problems.  

While it is advisable to contact a professional, there are some natural remedies that can be used alone or with traditional treatments. Aromatherapy is known for ages in its use of organic natural oils. Essential oils can be burned to inhale the smell that will in turn relax the mind, or can me used for massage. By massaging the oils on your skin the natural beneficial properties will soak in your bloodstream and have the same relaxing effect.

There are several essential oils that can be used to promote sleep, but there are the most popular and easiest to find:

Essential oils that can help:

-          Lavender Essential Oil

-          Chamomile Essential Oil

-          Marjoram Essential Oil

Try to use them for 4-5 days before you can see the full effect on your system.

Check Essential Oils 

Top 7 Benefits of having an Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential oil diffuser releases oils in to the atmosphere in a great mist. Due to the fact heat is not to great, the complete essential oil molecule is kept intact, and you're inhaling and exhaling essential oils into your lungs, the environment is cleansed and ionized, mould and odours are neutralized, and the room really smells fantastic.

In case you have lot of lung issues and are dealing with bronchitis, asthma, allergy symptoms, pneumonia, a sore throat, coughing, or perhaps a head pains, consider using a diffuser in your house as well as at the office. It is probably the easiest way to be exposed to essential oils and extremely efficient for cleaning the environment.

Relax and Unwind

One of the better and most well-known ways to use essential oils is that it will help you unwind during the difficult time. Whilst there are many other options to relax yourself, the Essential Oil Diffuser is by far the best and greatest as well as having a long lasting effect. Always keep it at your workplace to assist you unwind during your meal break or lunch time. You can have a diffuser all set to go with the press of a button when you are coming back to house from work at night. Install one on the bedroom desk to assist your body and mind to loosen up so you can rest better during the night.

Best Mood Enhancer

Essential Oil Diffuser will help you to de-stress, they may also be used to create an invigorating mood. This is simply great when you’re depressed. You can use your diffuser to elevate your mood during the holiday seasons, to create an optimistic ambiance for business meetings and social parties, to help you get moving forward from slow morning, as well as to produce a passionate ambiance for your specific someone in your life.

Get rid of Chronic Problems

Employing a diffuser in your house or business office is a wonderful way to keep cold, flu, and other awful ailments at bay that works on three different levels. Very first, many essential oils are incredibly anti-bacterial so when released in to the air in the form of vapour, the organic substances inside the natural oils comes in connection with air-borne pathogens just before they could invade in to your system. Second, essential oils may also be used to boost the defence mechanisms. Lastly, some diffusers also can be used as humidifiers which can help to keep your breathing passages damp and healthy which means you are less prone to any microbes

Healthy Living

Another reason could be that some research indicates diffusing skin oils may even assist us loose excess weight by taking out food cravings. If you have youngsters, or have problems with emphysema, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, or allergy symptoms, diffusing essential oils into your residence can easily make a big difference for both you and your family's wellness.

Breathing Made Easy

Essential oils are perfect for lowering irritation and congestions in blocked breathing passages to help you breathe more easily. In case you are susceptible to allergy symptoms or some other inhaling and exhaling problems, consider diffusing essential oils within the room where you actually spend most of your time.

Pain Gone

While many people will use essential oils massage for pain relief, you can even utilize a diffuser to get more effective results. This method is an excellent way to combat continual pain which is caused by headaches, sore joint parts, and overstressed muscles.

Essential Oil Diffuser – Your Best Travel Companion

There are many travel diffusers in the marketplace. Ensure you use one which has a fan to get oils in to the atmosphere. Generally they may have insertable pads to utilize your oils. A vacation diffuser is not really as good as employing a nebulizer because a few of the oils will continue to be around the mat. Nevertheless they will surely make your holiday refreshing


This great diffuser expands the use of essential oils, it does not require heat, and features calm lighting system (ideal for children's bed rooms) and diverse power and Time configurations

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