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How To Make Organic Soap At Home

Supplies Needed

Organic & Natural Soap Base
Soap Molds
Herbs to use in Soap
Organic Essential Oils

1. Natural organic soap

I recommend you to look for organic an natural soap that is free of chemical and additives. The best is to get one simple color, like  white, blue or  green. Some recommended ones are:

 Honey  Soap Base

 Hemp Seed  Soap Base 

 Olive Oil  Soap Base 

2. Soap Molds

You can get a normal bread mold, or some cake plastic molds that are made in shapes like stars, flowers or other fun types.

I recommend you to line is up with parchment paper if you are using bread molds, this is not needed for little plastic ones.

3.  Herbs/Plants

You can use natural herbs and plants. Lavender, lemongrass, or spirulina powder. Just let your imagination wild, if you want you can even do flower petals or ground oat meals.  

Lavender will provide a nice scent and is known for its healing properties.

You can find herbs all kind of herbs to use in soap making at Amazon or other suppliers.

4. Organic Essential oils

Forgo the petroleum based fragrances and add scent using 100% natural essential oils. Essential oils carry through the hand milling process quite well –  so pick a scent you enjoy and have fun!

Never, never use artificial petroleum based scents that are toxic. Use natural and organic made essential oils. It is easy to know is the oil is organic, it must be labeled with an organic certificate on the bottle (no certificate = not organic). Just get a scent you like and let your imagination wild, it is all about having fun. If you want to make soap for particular problems, like dry skin, acne or other skin disorders than use oils that are helpful.

5. Liquid

Liquid is needed in the soap making process to prevent the base to burn when it starts melting. Water, tea, coconut milk and some other liquid can be used for this, if you have none of these just use normal water.


1.  It is best to grate about 8 ounces of  soap. (Two normal soap bars.) You can use a cheese grater for this, or similar tool. If you  have it a food processor will be fine.

2.  Once your done, sprinkle about 1-2 ounces of fresh water or other liquid on top of the grated soap.

3.  Place it on a heater and set it on low. Use a normal cooking pot for the operation.

Make sure you stir it all the time to prevent the mix to burn at the bottom. Wait till the soap mix is liquefied, this can happen in 30 min or more. When you are sure the soap is all melted remove it from heat on the side.

4.  Add desired ingredients.

Use Essential Oil Set , flower petals, dry oranges, lemongrass, and whatever you like.  

5.  Mix it up, stir till it is all even. Then take your molds and slowly pour it in. Use molds that you like and fun looking.

6.  Place the molds with soap in the freezer and let it cool down. When it is cold you can easy remove the soap from the molds. If you used one big mold you can now cut the soap in small pieces.

7.  At this point it is best to leave the soap to dry for a day or two. Just place it on a table or other surface next to each other.  

8.  And that is all the wisdom, you have nice organic soap to use and give to your friends!

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