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What makes an essential oil organic?

True “organic” essential oil are derived in special conditions, and from plants grown using methods different from conventional ways. Plants that are used to produce the oil are always grown without pesticides or herbicides on soil that needs to be certified by the government authorized agency that regulates organic grown products.

Many people like massage therapist, beauty therapist and healthcare professional will prefer these kind of oils. They believe that oils produced in this environment  when applied will be more therapeutically active and beneficial than when non-organic oils are used. The main reason is that organic produced plants are not sprayed with pesticides, and organic essential oils derived from them lack unwanted toxic chemicals. These chemicals can have a negative effect on our bodies.

These are the list of the most popular “organic” essential oils suppliers  you can buy online. All organic oils must be certified by the government to be listed as organic. What this really means is that you cannot place any product as organic unless you got it certified.

Calily Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Set, 10ml - Pack of 14

About the Product

·     AROMATHERAPY STARTER SET – This is a great starter set for people starting with aromatherapy, and can be a nice gift. It comes in dark amber bottles to preserve the freshness of the content.    

·  FRESH & FLAVORFUL AROMAS – Calily organic oils can be used for massage and aromatherapy. These oils are great for oil burners to bring peace of mind. Organic essential oils are derived from mother earth and have a positive effect on the body, mind and ones spirit. If used properly they have a balancing and healing influence on the overall wellness.  

·  100% NATURE'S PURE ESSENCE - The seller guaranties that all bottles contain 100% organic, pure, unadulterated essential oils. No special filters or additives of any kind are used. The distillation and extraction methods from which these oils are made guarantee optimum natural scents and integrity. In this way all therapeutic properties are preserved.

Special care is given to the soil, water and air quality that have a lasting effect on the final product. Agricultural professionals and harvesting experts make sure to pick the finest soil for planting crops from which these oils will come to life.

Product Review: 

There is such a great variety in this oil kit. There are sweet orange, Teatree, lavender, eucalyptus, lime, lemon, peppermint, raspberry, patchouly, cinnamon leaf, Clary sage, bergamot, spearmint, and grapefruit

The package came in time as described.

The first thing I did is smell all the oils. I have to say I am pleased with the smell, some oils on the market smell like chemicals, this is not one of them. The smell is natural and I used aroma therapy diffuser to test the oils, just 2 drops per test.

I love Lavender the most as it is relaxing, and Lemon is a great refreshing and antiseptic oil, it lifts the mood if you feel down. Sweet orange is great, feels just like real fresh oranges, if i close my eyes i feel no difference. All the smells have organic aroma feel, there are no offensive tones like with some low quality oils. The bottles come in dark bottles not to degrade, and keep them in cool and dark places if you buy this kit.

There is no pamphlet in the box describing what plants are used in the process, this in my opinion is a must, and I recommend the company to include it in future.

You can use this oils in diffusers or for massage, I personally use them to lift my mood when I get depressed.   I think this is a good organic essential oil set for beginners, you get lots of smell options so you can do different combinations and enjoy.  There is no way of knowing if these oils are 100% as the company claims, but the smells are great and have a natural feel. I was surprised how good was this brand for the price.

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12/ 10 ml Synergy Blends 100% Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

About the Product

·The oil comes in the 5, 10, 30, and 250 ml bottles. It is made from a dark glass, and euro styled dropper cap for easy use. The manual is provided with each order on how to use these natural oils. There are 12 blends included in this kit. 

·  All oils are tested to provide the best organic essential oils for your use. The production is made with no additives of any kind. Organic production ensures not pesticides or herbicides that can harm the body. Our oils are stored in temperature controlled environment so all natural and therapeutic properties are preserved at all times.   

Product Review:

The Eden Garden oils kit package was delivered in time and fast. The packaging looks great and very presentable, it can be a great gift to someone or yourself. It looks a lot of care vas given to this.

The smell is amazing and even if it is cheaper than some other brands it is a wonderful potent product. I love the fragrance and how it feels in the air. 

The company offers more around 160 different types of essential oils to offer, and what ever you are looking for its there. Customer service is fast and reliable, there is no major issue that this company did not resolve fast. I feel that these oils are made with care and you get true organic essential oils.

I got these because I have stress and sleep problems, so I decided to give it a try and see how these compare to other essential organic oils on the market. I tested two drops per bottle in a diffuser to get the feel of the oil quality. The smells have such a nice and natural aroma, you can feel the fragrance filling the room. The kit in my opinion covered all the bases and I only needed 2 drops to fill my room with a nice a fresh smell. As always I enjoyed lavender the most as it is such a great relaxation and anti-stress oil. Peppermint was such a refreshing and inspirations smell, it filled the room with its nice fresh presence.   When I compare this to some other great oils I used it is just as great, I don’t like maybe two from all the smells, but that is personal preference.  I become a fan of this company now, and I hope they continue to provide the same quality essential oils.

The company provides the GCMS analysis of all the oils, this is great. This way you know the origin and the content of the each bottle.

It is a great starter kit and people who don’t want to mix oils will be happy with it. You just need to get the bottle that correspond to the particular problem and use a diffuser or carrier oil for a massage. The names already give you a clue for what it is, like “breathe easier” or “muscle relief” . But it is good to get some book or read more online if you are treating a problem.  The price is right and you get a great deal for your money.

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100% Organic Essential Oils Aromatherapy Gift Set (inc Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass Oil)

About the Product

These are 100% Organic oils produced from the finest plants around the world. The set is great as a gift or a small starter. The package contains Eucalyptus, Lavender, Sweet Orange & Lemongrass Oil in 4 x 0.33oz/10ml Bottles. And comes in small dark bottles.

Perfect for Aromatherapy and massage therapy. It is great for Diffusers, Vaporizers, Candle Warmers and table Oil Burners that you can install in your room or office.

100% Pure & Natural, No Additives, and is pure organic, no pesticides used and is safe for your body.

All orders come with a free e-book, that will guide you if you are a beginner  "A Practical Guide To Essential Oils" is great to help you get started on your way to aromatherapy.

Product Review: 

The company is rated at almost 100% of 5 stars at Amazon. Making it one of the highest rated products that I found. 

When you decide to buy pure organic essential oils there are concerns for everyone looking for a good quality product. Most of the people will use oils on a diffuser or for aroma massage. One thing you need is a great quality natural organic oils for both of these purposes. You don’t want pesticides or other toxins in your oils polluting your skin or environment. These essential oils are perfect because they are 100% organic. I tested it with a diffuser as all other oils.

I have tried this small kit set that comes with 4 oils:

The eucalyptus oil was great, the smell was so fresh, and I was feeling my breath ways opening as soon the smell started to fill the room. This plant is great for lots of different problems, flu, bronchitis, cold and other respiratory system problems. It is known antiseptic and can help with wounds, cuts and sores. Eucalyptus is a natural pain reliever and you can use it with infections and speed up healing.       

Sweet orange oil is one of my all favorite. I used two drops in a diffuser, and the result was astounding. The fresh and rich orange smell was of high quality. I can feel the essence of the orange and there was no additives or chemical feel to it. There was true organic & natural feel to it, and I love it. Sweet orange is a great relief from inflammations, helps with dermatitis and works as anti-depression oil.

Lavender oil is a good relaxation essential oil, and I use it often, so I was wondering how this one is going to turn out. To my delight bliss oils did not disappoint. The smell is excellent and when I used it in the evening I had no problems falling asleep.

Lavender is known for ages for its medicinal uses. It reduces anxiety, and stress. It can help with wounds and sunburns or other skin complexion problems. If you use it on a regular basis it can reduce headaches. These are just some of the long list of benefits of lavender essential oil.  

Lemongrass Essential Oil
 was the one I like to use when I feel a little down in the past, so I was interested how is Bliss Oils lemongrass perform. I used two drops in a diffuser and the smell was the combination of zesty and earthy aroma. The freshens was the first thing that hit my nose, but in a good way. I loved how the smell lifts the mood in a second, and this bottle did not disappoint.

You can use it for anti-depression, antibacterial and antiseptic purposes. For me lemongrass is great when I need to wake up and feel a little down with low energy in a day.      

The smell is one of the finest I have seen, and you really get a value for your money. Just by smelling it you will feel that these oils are one of the best. Pure organic for sure and for a reasonable price. If you want a small set these are the ones to go for.  

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